ESET PureFix 2.03

Program to crack ESET Smart Security - NOD32. After using this program, ESET Smart Security-NOD32 no longer ask for the keys for good.

Installation instructions:
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Option 1 (If ESET is already installed and activated):
  1. Restart the computer and log on in safe mode.
  2. Run the ESET PureFix and click “Enable”.
  3. Restart. 

Option 2 (If you have not installed ESET):
  1. Run the ESET PureFix and click “Enable”.
  2. Install the product of ESET.
  3. Activate the 30-day trial (using any e-mail address.) Or insert any working key. 
  4. If ESET is not started updating after activation, update it manually. 
  5. Wait until the end PureFix hacking. 
  6. Push - Reloaded.
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How to remove:
Option 1 (If you want to remove only PureFix):
1. Restart the computer in “safe mode”)
2. Run the ESET PureFix and click “Disable”.
3. Restart.

Option 2 (Delete PureFix and Anti-Virus)
1. Run the ESET PureFix and click “Disable”.
2. Remove ESET products completely.

Changes in v2.03
* Improvements to install monitoring mode - PureFix will now wait for the trial activation and initial update before making it’s final changes
* Patching of ‘No License’ text in ESET 5
* Improved disable function - now cleans all traces of activation

Released: 2012
Operating System: Windows 7/Vista/XP
Language: English
Medicine: it is a medicine
File size: 133.52 KB

Note : If you have any doubt feel free to ask.


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